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SLES and Employment SUPPORT Program

SLES and Employment SUPPORT Program

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Employment Support

NDIS employment supports have expanded their supports on July 2020 to provide reasonable and necessary supports accessible to participants from a wide range of workplaces such as: 

  • Private and government employers
  • Social enterprises
  • Micro-businesses
  • Self-employment or an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE).

School Leaver Employment Supports

Samy Care Services with their professional team will support students to transition from school to work during the final months of school until they are settled in a job. These Capacity Building supports are tailored to individual needs. 

They may include:

  •  Work experience opportunities
  •  Skill development
  • Developing an understanding of work capabilities
  • Building the confidence to step into employment

Samy Care team will help you to cover are

  • Understanding your own interests, likes, needs and effective communication
  • Setting goals and improving focus
  • Understanding transport options and promoting independent travel
  • Work training and skills assessments
  • Preparing for employment
  • Understanding money/bill paying/budgeting
  • Understanding employer expectations
  • Working as a team and how to effectively work with others
  • Personal presentation skills
  • Resume writing
  • Health and safety
  • Work experience support

Our Diagram explain you the support available to job seekers

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