Samy Care Services

welcomes you

“with a smile” 

Samy Care Services ACT Pty Ltd is a Registered NDIS Specialist Disability Service Provider. Samy Care Services is very proud to open its door and welcoming our service users in ACT as well as NSW. People with disability should be able to live their life in the way they choose, like anyone else. Getting the right care and support can be crucial for this to happen. Samy Care Services believes that people with a disability must also have choice and control over where they live and how they are supported.

We will work closely together with you to provide peace of mind, customise and personalise service with a genuine interest in the well-being and happiness of our participants. We put people first, tailoring our services to your needs so you can achieve your goal and achievement.

Our care and support can range from a few hours to 24 hours a day. This can include many things, like supporting someone to get up and get dressed, develop friendships and relationships, and become active members of their community.

We are looking forward to meeting with you, listening and discussing more about your goal,dream, achievement, your choice and control.

Nitin Busviah
Founder & Director of Samy Care Services

 Nitin Busviah

 Founder & Managing Director
  Samy Care Services ACT Pty Ltd