Aged Care Services

Samy Care Services provides you with assistance and support individual, personal and practical care needs associated with mental, learning or physical difficulties such as hearing or sight problems.

Staying active is vital, however staying socially active cannot be undervalued.

At Samy Care Services, we can provide you with support that enables you to continue to take part in your community with activities such as

  • Taking you out for shopping
  • Helping you to pay your bills
  • Helping you to complete any paper work
  • Taking you to your doctor appointment
  • Help you to get into your own social groups

Each person has different requirements for their care. Samy Care Services understand you and of course you want to continue living in your own home, you may need help with personal care such as:

  • Washing and dressing
  • Cleaning and meal preparation
  • Bathing, oral care and assistance with toileting
  • Gardening, we will take care of your beautiful garden.


In addition, we can assist you with transportation to and from appointments such as visiting friends, family, medical, hairdressing appointment.


Samy Care Services can connect you with the community and help you in doing some activities program such as:

  • Going on an outing such as cup of tea and coffee
  • Playing board games/ Bingo
  • Going to the clubs¬†
  • Craft, dancing and music classes
  • Meeting new people