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Understanding your Plan and Support

NDIS participants can choose how to manage the funding for the supports in their plan.

When speaking with an NDIS planner to develop a plan, you will need to decide which plan management option is right for you. You may even discuss self-managing budgets in your plan.

No matter which option is chosen for the payment of providers, you remain in control of which providers you select and when and how your supports are delivered.

For comprehensive information about managing your plan and self-managing, download the Understanding your NDIS plan document, which is available on this page.

Understanding your NDIS plan document gives information about understanding and self-directing your NDIS plan:

  • understanding and self-directing your NDIS plan
  • understanding the supports in your NDIS plan
    • funded support budgets
    • purchasing general funded supports
    • purchasing stated funded supports)
  • managing and paying for your supports
  • choosing your providers
  • making agreements with your chosen providers

Please Click on the link below to understand more of your NDIS plan and its update.